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Personal, Health, Social and Economic Education

PHSEE is an important and necessary part of all learners’ education. 

While PSHEE is a non-statutory subject, we believe that it is a very important area in our learners' development, which is why we've introduced it as it's own subject for this Academic Year. PSHEE can encompass many areas of study and lessons are tailored to meet the needs of children in this area to equip them with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to: drug education, financial education, sex and relationship education (SRE) and the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Sex and relationship education

Sex and relationship education (SRE) is an important part of PSHEE education and is statutory in maintained secondary schools.

When any school provides SRE they must have regard to the Secretary of State’s guidance; this is a statutory duty. Academies do not have to provide SRE but must also have regard to Secretary of State’s guidance when they do.