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Our Curriculum

Our mission is to develop an inspirational school which instils ambition and desire in young learners, opens their minds, widens their horizons and equips them to succeed in a challenging world.

Our curriculum is broad, balanced and relevant to the needs of all our learners. It offers a range of personalised progression pathways and enables our learners to make rapid progress in both core and foundation subjects, while giving the opportunity to experience a wealth of other enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities.

To ensure that our learners achieve their highest grades possible, allowing them to ‘Dream Big’, we use a selection of industry leading tools such as GCSE Pod, Hegarty Maths and PowerBI, as well as providing extra sessions and support where appropriate.

PowerBI (Business Intelligence) is a Microsoft software which we use to analyse learner data, enabling us to make more informed decisions with relation to subject setting and intervention sessions. By using this software, we are able to have a greater insight into where our learners, collectively and individually, are struggling and excelling in order to be able to focus on those areas which need slightly more work in order to allow our learners to reach their full potential. 

Literacy for Life

Literacy for Life (L4L) is a special feature of Year 7 in our academy. It acts as a bridge between primary and secondary school, helping your child to make a success of secondary education and a great start in life. It’s run by a small team of teachers who really get to know the learners and how to help them progress. It teaches skills that learners can use across all the different subjects – skills that they will use for many years to come. By teaching a series of interesting ‘themes’ or topics that children can relate to, L4L gives children an enthusiasm for learning. While studying each of these themes, your child will be getting to grips with skills such as reading, writing, understanding, mathematics, oracy (speaking confidently and expressively) and the use of technology.

Years 7-9

Years 7 to 9 which provide a full and rich experience for learners which forms a foundation for future specialisation. We have a strong emphasis on English and Mathematics skills as the basis for academic success, and we have introduced exciting new ways of teaching these critical subjects.

One of the many advantages of a broad and balanced curriculum for Years 7, 8 and 9 is that our learners benefit from an extra year before selecting the option subjects that they will study at GCSE. Learners are also supported with first-class careers advice and guidance in order to help them make their option choices.

Year 9 is a vitally important pivotal year in which the Character Education Programme is introduced. This programme has been designed to develop learners’ communication skills and thus prepare them for studying at GCSE level and their future careers. 

Years 10 and 11

Learners follow a two-year GCSE programme. They choose their option subjects in the spring term of Year 9 and this process enables learners to decide what subjects they want to follow at GCSE level, which begins at the start of Year 10.

Prior to learners making their option subject choices, they are given key information about all the subjects available to them through a series of assemblies with subject specialists. Parents are also invited in to an Information Evening where key information about the pathways process is given by a member of the academy’s Senior Leadership Team.

Some learners will require additional guidance to help them make appropriate choices. We will ensure that one to one meetings are available if requested for Parents/Carers and learners.

Extra Sessions in Year 11

During any learner's time at Secondary School, Year 11 is undoubtedly the most difficult and most stressful year, as it is when they must put everything they have learned so far into practice in their GCSE Exams.

We run lots of revision sessions throughout the year which are delivered by our dedicated subject specialist teachers. These sessions are part of the Dudley Academies Trust ‘Upgrade Mission’ and include extra lessons 3 days a week (Period 6 & 7), as well as optional revision sessions on weekends and during the school holidays.

We are proud of our curriculum offer which, when combined with high quality teaching and learning, enables all of our learners to flourish.