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Health and Well Being

We are a Health Promoting School having gained the Healthy Schools Mark and work with a number of outside agencies to ensure health issues do not adversley affect the learning of students.

The School Nurse, School Counsellor and Connexions Advisors are available to any student should the need arise. A healthy lifestyle is promoted through the schools Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education Programme. The issues are dealt with in tutor time or on special Focus Days. Enterprise education is a growing theme in these sessions. Visiting theatre groups are used, when appropriate, to deliver the programmes.

All students remain on site during lunchtime. The School Cafeteria which has achieved the Food for Health "Platinum Award" offers a wide range of healthy options to suit all tastes and diets. Parents are welcome to visit the cafeteria.

Only water is allowed to be drunk during lessons and this is available from a vending machine. The tuck shop does not sell chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks.