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Free School Meals



Free School Meals Update

As of the 20 April 2020, the Academy will be using the new Government approved Free School Meal voucher scheme, instead of the current one.

The voucher is sent as an ‘eCode’ via email to the parent/carer and you have the option of presenting the voucher on your phone/tablet or as a paper copy at your chosen supermarket.

In order to receive your Free School Meal voucher please can you complete the FSM form below.

This form must be completed by 3pm on Friday 10th April 2020. If this form is not completed by this date, you will not be entered into the DfE Free School Meals voucher system.

If you do not have an email address, you can sign up for one using the provider below. These are external providers and St James Academy is in no way affiliated with / responsible for any of the below:

For help and guidance on how to create a new email address if you need one, please follow the attached guide or respond to the text message sent for one to one support from a member of our team.