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Care, Guidance and Support

Excellent student support is crucial to ensure that students achieve their potential. The Tutor is the key person in the system. Students are allocated to a form where a Form Tutor will be responsible for monitoring each individual student's progress. Parental support is also a vital part in helping students realise their potential. Parents/Carers are asked to sign a Home School Agreement which clearly lays out all of the responsibilities of parents, students and school to ensure a successful partnership.

Good communication is an important part of this partnership. Communication can be via phone, email, letter or visit. The school has a dedicated team of Student Progress Managers to assist Form Tutors in dealing with issues as they arise. Our student planner is designed to inform parents/carers of the homework set, each student's individual subject target grades and learning goals. The planner should be checked and signed weekly by home and school. It can also be used for communication between home and school.

Consultation Evenings are a vital part of the dialogue between home and school. The dates are included in the school calendar distributed at the start of the school year and available as a download. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to these evenings.

The St James Academy associations= offers valuable support to the school. It organises social events and fund raising activities which provide financial support to enhance the facilities and resources of the School. Parents are welcome to join this association. Further details available here.

All students are expected to work hard and maintain high standards of behaviour. If students do not follow the School Code of Conduct, sanctions are in place to help modify their behaviour. To help encourage and reward positive behaviour, achievement, good punctuality and attendance, the school has the Vivo rewards system, Achievement Assemblies and a Celebration of Achievement Evening.