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I.T. Suites

Our I.T. Suites are in dedicated rooms and consists of a room full of computers available for student use.

Our I.T. Suite equipment is composed of a desktop computer, large flat-screen monitor, keyboard and mouse. The computers are connected to the school computer network and have access to the Internet. Each I.T. suite also has access to a printer or copier to allow students to print off any work.

We have 6x main large I.T. suites at the school:

  • 3x of which were completely replaced with new computer equipment during the Spring 2019 Term.
  • 2x of which were again completely replaced with new computer equipment during the summer break by our hard working team.
  • We have 1x other I.T. suite that is currently undergoing refurbishment and ceiling works, prior to also being upgraded with new computers.

Each I.T. Suite is comprised of approximately 30x computers running the latest software versions of Windows 10 and Office 2016. They also have other educational software such as Python, etc that students can use and access within their I.T. and other subject lessons.