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Expectations for the Use of IT

Part of the 'Values Driven Expectations' System

Information technology is a significant part of society and critical to your learning at St James Academy. It is essential that you take responsibility for any work completed digitally in the same way you do for your written work. This includes applying at least good effort and making sure your work follows our PROUD principles. 

When using Information technology you are expected to:

  • Remember your password. Your school password is as essential as your pencil case - it allows you to access your student IT account, forgetting your password will impact upon your learning. 
  • Reset your password in school before any holiday. This will ensure you can access all online resources and complete any set work in the holidays.
  • Save your work correctly. It is your responsibility to ensure that any work completed electronically is saved in the correct location with an appropriate file name.
  • Treat all IT equipment with respect. Reported any issues with IT equipment immediately to your teacher, do not attempt to address them yourself.
  • Remember to leave the classroom, including any IT equipment, as you would wish to find it.

It is your responsibility to make sure you follow expectations for the use of Information Technology. Should you fail to do so you will lose a line. (A more severe consequence may be applied in the event of damage to IT equipment).

For your safety, please remember the following when using the Internet at home or in school:

  • Never give out personal information such as your home address, telephone number and parent's/carer's work address/telephone number to others online. Only give your email address to those with whom you are familiar.
  • Never agree to meet anyone, anywhere, without first discussing this with a parent or carer.
  • Never give out your username and password to anyone online.
  • Never send chain letters on the Internet and school network.
  • Do not reply to any message that you feel is offensive, strange, mean or upsetting either to you, or to others. Report this immediately to a teacher or to your parents. 
  • Stop if you see or read something on a website that is upsetting or offensive to you. Not all websites are suitable for everyone.