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What is Year 7 like for the learners?

Year 6 learners who are coming to St James spend time with us at the end of the summer term so that they can meet their classmates and teachers, experience some real lessons and join in some fun activities. When they arrive here in September, they will be part of a special system we call L4L (Literacy for Life). It's quite like being at primary school, with each class having the same teachers for nearly all of the lessons. Learners quickly feel at home with people they know and teachers they trust. Please see our Year 7 page!

How is good behaviour maintained?

Positive behaviour is promoted at St James through the use of the Values Driven Expectations. At the heart of this are our five core values:

Dreaming big
Rewarding effort
Leading together
Respecting each other and our world
Learning that inspires.

Each learner has a planner which they carry with them at all times. Their planner is used to record lots of information about behaviour and homework and is designed to be a contact between school and home.

Any member of staff who sees a learner upholding our values immediately stamps their planner with a 'merit'. Equally, if learners misbehave, that is recorded too. There are sanctions for making the wrong behaviour choices, too, and learners soon choose to chase after merits so that they can earn one of the many rewards that are offered for good behaviour.

What if my child needs extra support?

Support in the classroom is a strength of the academy and we also have a strong Pastoral team that works across the academy to ensure that children should never feel that support isn’t readily available.

We take a whole school approach to supporting learners with identified SEND needs.  The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) works across all curriculum areas to ensure learners get the right support. This may include in-class support, individual one-to-one support, or specialist intervention programmes. Support will be provided by different people according to need; this may involve a class teacher, learning support assistants, academic mentors, behaviour/emotional mentors or outside agencies. Our SENCO is Fiona Bonsal

Learners who have English as an additional language are fully integrated into all lessons and receive in-class support to develop confidence and competency in their language use.

All learners, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), those who are disadvantaged, “looked after” or from minority ethnic groups, will be encouraged to apply for leadership roles.  As a leader they will be expected to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the achievement of others and to act in a way that is conducive to a culture where success is celebrated, including taking part in assemblies and reward events.