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Religious Education is proving to be a popular and exciting subject where the greatest resources and favourite topics of discussion are the diverse learners of Castle High School themselves and our community of Dudley. It is led by a subject specialist who aims to make Religious Education accessible, interesting, dynamic and skills based. 

In Key Stage 3 learners receive one lesson each week, within accordance to Dudley Agreed Syllabus (2013). Each learner is encouraged to explore and challenge concepts covered in structured thematic modules that builds on each learners' prior knowledge and experiences. Examples of these include; 

Year 7 Autumn Term - 'Prejudice and Discrimination', where we reflect on history and ourselves today and how we treat one another in our community. This module intends to bring home the importance of tolerance, awareness and appreciation of others within our community, supported by quotes from religious texts and notable religious followers.

Year 8 Spring Term - 'Evil and Suffering', where we explore the nature of God and humanity, and its creative and destructive powers.  This is then applied to today's society and real life case studies and moral dilemmas.

Each learner is encouraged, supported and challenged to ensure their individual needs are met and progress is made and celebrated. Learners are assessed regularly through written tasks, independent learning tasks, extended assessment projects, and spoken presentations. 

In Key Stage 4, from September 2015 learners will opt to study and follow the externally assessed AQA Full Course GCSE Religious Studies A. This exciting course not only allows learners to develop and refine the skills they have acquired in Key Stage 3, but also explore and challenge other religious and moral issues such as the effects and impact of the use and misuse capital punishment; the treatment of the elderly in society; abortion and euthanasia, and much more. 

The doors of the Religious Education department are always open, so if you have any questions regarding your child's progress in this subject, please do not hesitate to contact the school. 


What's the difference between Religious Education and Religious Studies, if any? 

Religious Education in Key Stage 3 is designed to enrich and enhance your child's learning, sense of self and community and challenge their knowledge and understanding of their physical and social environment. This makes it a pupil-centred subject where every idea, opinion and experience is valued, explored and maybe challenged. 

With Religious Studies in Key Stage 4 the discipline shifts and your child is assessed on their ability to structure an informed argument on a religious or moral issues, employing a critical, analytical and evaluative approach to a variety of view religious points, including a justified personal opinion, whist maintaining a good standard of written English.

Further information:
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