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Pupil Premium

The coalition government introduced a pupil premium payment in September 2011 which aims to increase attainment and aspiration for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, specifically:

  • To increase social mobility
  • To reduce the attainment gap

Castle High School receives a Pupil Premium Grant for each child who is entitled to receive Free School Meals or who has been entitled to over the last six years, and for Looked After Children. Our Pupil Premium for 2012-2013 is at a rate of £600 per eligible pupil.

We have decided that the grant should be spent to support learning as follows:

  • Providing a programme of intensive one to one, and small group, tutoring in Maths and English over a set period of time to enable pupils to catch up with their peers.
  • Training staff to provide highly effective feedback to pupils on their work and how to make further progress.
  • Training staff to provide individualised instruction based on the idea that learners are different and therefore have different needs, so an individualised or tailored approach to learning and learning styles is more effective, particularly in terms of the tasks and activities that pupils undertake.
  • Developing literacy and numeracy skills through a whole school focus and providing small group and individualised programmes of support.
  • Creating a fund for pupils entitled to Free School Meals to support participation in educational trips and visits, extracurricular activities and other opportunities to boost learning.
  • Continuing to track the progress of pupils eligible for the pupil premium, provide additional intervention where necessary to make sure they reach their potential.
  • Providing alternative provision for targeted students to motivate and engage pupils and enable them to catch up with their peers.
  • Providing increased opportunities for parental involvement in supporting their children's learning at school
  • Providing support, information and guidance from our Student Progress Managers and Learning Mentor.
  • Increase the use of rewards to support progress in learning

We also assure parents that all matters regarding the use of this fund are treated with discretion and in confidence.

The School will evaluate the impact on each learner. Evaluation will focus on academic gains and how learners' self-confidence has developed as a consequence of the intervention.

  • Attainment at Key Stage 3 and 4
  • Progress rates at all years
  • Attendance rates at all years
  • Behaviour data at all years


The Pupil Premium Action Plan 2018-19 can be downloaded here.
The Pupil Premium Review 2017-18 can be downloaded here.

Pupil Premium Spending 2017-18        Pupil Premium Budget 2018-19