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Psychology is where we explore and study phenomenon of human behaviour and mental processes.  It is delivered by subject specialists who aim to make Psychology accessible, relevant and skills based.

Each learner is encouraged, supported and challenged to ensure their individual needs are met and progress is made and celebrated. Learners are assessed regularly through written tasks, independent learning tasks, extended assessment projects, and spoken presentations. 

In Key Stage 4, from September 2016 learners will opt to study and follow the externally assessed AQA Full Course GCSE Psychology.  This new and challenging course not only allows learners to develop and refine the skills they have acquired in Key Stage 3 in subjects such as Mathematics, Science and Religious Education, but also explore and challenge other psychological and social issues such as why people commit crime, and should these people be punished or treated; why do we forget things and how can we improve our memory, how does the brain work and much more.

The doors of the Psychology department are always open, so if you have any questions regarding your child's progress in this subject, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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