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Students begin year 7 with an opportunity to demonstrate their existing skills and knowledge through a variety of both individual and team based activities.  Students will then progress through units of work based around outwitting opponents in both individual and team activities, accurate replication of skills and maximising performance throughout the remainder of this key stage. They do this through a range of activities including football, basketball, netball, gymnastics, badminton, health related fitness, athletics, rugby, cricket, rounders and stoolball. This gives them some of the fundamental key skills they will need throughout PE at Castle High; which also include co-operation, communication and consideration.  We are proud of this breath of curriculum and feel that this allows all students to have success and enjoyment within PE lessons.



In Year 10 Students progress their learning from key stage 3 by completing more advanced units of work to develop their existing skills, knowledge and understanding in the following activities; football, basketball, netball, gymnastics, badminton, health related fitness, athletics, rugby, cricket, rounders and stoolball. The focus of these units is to extend and develop some of the skills learnt during the previous key stage as well begin to apply tactical strategies within a full competitive environments.  Students will also be introduced to activities which can build on existing skills transferred across to new sports such as trampolining, volleyball, softball and handball. In addition to this students have the opportunity to lead and coach each other which we have introduced in key stage 3 in a pair or small group environment and students within key stage 4 can then do this on a larger scale as well as getting involved in supporting lower school clubs and fixtures.  

In Year 11 students experience a more personalised programme of activities. They are often given the opportunity to choose the nature of the activity that is delivered to them by selecting from a variety of pathways that includes games, body management, team and individual activities.     


Students have the opportunity within their option blocks to opt for GCSE PE.  This is a practical and theoretically assessed course where the students will be examined in a range of theoretical topics including applied anatomy and physiology, levers and the mechanics of movement, fitness and personal training, health and performance, diet and nutrition, sports psychology and socio-cultural influences of sport.  The practical element will be developed through Core PE lessons, in addition to extra-curricular clubs and students commitment to clubs in their own time in order be assessed in isolated skills and techniques in 3 sports (at least 1 individual and 1 team sport) as well as full competitive games in these activities also.  There is also a requirement for a small coursework based on Personal training which will be run alongside the similar theory content through a practical delivery.

Extra Curricular Activities

The department prides itself on its ability to offer opportunities for all with over 20 clubs offered each week.  It draws on its expertise across the school staff to provide a varied extra-curricular programme . Its aim is to encourage extended participation in Physical activity giving students the opportunity to progress further and excel outside of curriculum time. Activities run before school, at lunch times and during afternoons after school on both a recreational and competitive basis.  

The department regularly enters both local and national competitions in football, basketball, netball, rounders, cricket and athletics.  We have strengthened our links with the local clubs in Dudley and beyond and now offer additional satellite clubs where Castle High students can come and participate Several students who have accessed our extra-curricular programme have gone on to participate at club, area, county and in some cases national level.  We have also gained access to the fantastic 3G pitch at Dudley College and have football training held weekly by specialist staff.

Leadership Opportunities

At Castle High school students are given the opportunity to engage in a number of roles within sport, not just the performer. We now have a very strong team of Sports Captains at the school, mainly from Key Stage 4. These Sports Captains give up their time to coach, officiate and organise sports clubs lower down in the school. Whilst doing this the young leaders are gaining excellent opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Sports Captains are selected on the basis they are an excellent role model for Castle High School.

Rewards & Responsibility within PE:

We pride ourselves on students being challenged and engaged in PE lessons leading to enjoyment and progress for all.  There are many ways that students can be rewarded in PE and along with the school reward system there are also sports badges which are available in all years.  These badges highlight and reward those students who work extremely hard, show dedication and commitment to the PE department over the course of a unit of work or term.

There is also the opportunity for students to become sports captains in their chosen sport.  Students are nominated at the start of the year by their fellow peers and then met by departmental staff before a final decision is made on the sports captain for all our competitive teams.  This role is invaluable in supporting the PE department in organising teams, running practices, helping with match kit as well as being a role model to other schools during fixtures or competitions.  These captains then receive badges and are in post for a year.

Finally, in Year 9 & 10 students can apply to receive a sports tie, where they must demonstrate their commitment to the PE department over the course of Key Stage 3 & 4.  This is a chance for them to highlight what they have offered and will continue to offer to the department and school over their time at Castle High through extracurricular clubs, PE lessons and additional fixtures and matches in support of their application.


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