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Why Study Media Studies? 

Media Studies offers students the opportunity to develop their own understanding of a dynamic industry with which they are already very familiar. The Media industry is now a massively important part of our new economic landscape. The industry contains a wide variety of jobs which draw upon a many and varied set of skills within its workforce. Media is an integral part of our every day lives and taking this GCSE could be the first steps along a path which leads to a very exciting career.

What will you learn about?

GCSE Media Studies offers students with an interest in the Media the opportunity to explore several areas of this industry in both creative and analytical ways. The course focuses on a variety of different aspects of the Media which may include film, television, radio, the music industry, the Internet, print media and advertising.

Course Structure

All students study the AQA GCSE Media Studies Single Award. The course is three years in duration starting in Year 9. The students' progression is assessed through a variety of coursework tasks and tests which enable the students to monitor their own progress and development.

In Year 9 students study an introductory course to the GCSE. During this year students will explore and analyse a variety of features of Media Studies; from print based texts to the Industry that control Media. 

Students explore and develop the skills that are necessary for the completion of Controlled Assessment and the External Exam.

In Year 10 students will receive instructions for their Controlled Assessment Tasks and complete.

In Year 11 students prepare for the External Exam based on a topic set by the Exam board. This Topic changes every year.

What can I do after?
Students who complete the GCSE in Media Studies have the option of continuing their learning journey at both Further and Higher Education. Students who have completed Media Studies courses have gained employment in a variety of areas, including: Film and Television production, Radio, Journalism, Advertising and Marketing, and Communications.