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The school is currently undergoing a substantial programme of I.T. changes, in order to improve and modernise the I.T. systems at the school. Keep up-to-date with any changes on our news page.


I.T. Suites

We have 3x main large I.T. suites which been upgraded during the Spring 2019 Term.

Each I.T. Suite is comprised of 30x computers running the latest software versions of Windows 10 and Office 2016, as well as other educational software such as Python, etc that students can use and access within their I.T. and other subject lessons.

We have 2x other I.T. suites that are currently undergoing refurbishment prior to also being upgraded with new computers.



As part of the L4L curriculum students have acess to laptops that also run the latest software versions of Windows 10 and Office 2016. These are used within the classroom environment by the students to aid in their learning.


Teaching Classrooms

Each teaching classroom has a teacher computer with internet access and sound system. With either a projector and interactive whiteboard, an interactive flat-panel display or large screen TV to allow teachers to display a wide variety of content to a class of students on a large format screen. The classrooms also have DVD players.


Printing Facilities

Students have access to print to A4/A3 in both colour and black-and-white either via their teacher, or from printers and copiers in classrooms and spread around the school site.

External systems

The school uses a wide variety of external systems in order to deliver and support the education of the students whilst at St James Academy such as the RM Unify system.

Visit the External links page on our website for links to the external systems.