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History is taught by 3 specialist teachers in 3 fully equipped classrooms. The History Department aims to provide its students with dynamic and interesting lessons that will both challenge and enthuse. Our department prides itself on delivering stimulating lessons across the full range of abilities, differentiating for any of our student's with special needs as well as our more gifted students. History is non selective and remains one of the most popular options at GCSE level.

Homework and Assessment 
In Years 7 and 8 students will have to complete 3 large independent research projects based on the units they are studying. GCSE students will be expected to revise throughout the duration of their course and will also be provided with homework books which must be completed every week. All homework activities and extra revision material is available on the school portal, Dougal. A number of teacher assessments will also take place through the year. 

Needing to revise or find out more? Check out these great websites:
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What Do We Study In History?

Year 7 National Curriculum (1066 - 1750)
Topics including: 
The Battle of Hastings 
The Black Death 
The Crusades 
Henry 8th and his six wives. 
Bloody Mary 
Elizabethan England & the Spanish Armada 
The Gunpowder Plot 
The English Civil War 
The Plague 
The Great Fire of London 

Year 8 National Curriculum (1750 - Today)
Topics including: 
The Slave Trade
The British Empire 
Life in Victorian Britain 
The Industrial Revolution 
Britain in 1900 & Titanic
The Great War 

Year Nine, Ten and Eleven GCSE (AQA History)
Topics include: 
The Treaty of Versailles 
The League of Nations 
Causes of World War Two 
Germany during and after World War One
Life in Nazi Germany
Medicine through time 
Life in Norman England