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Computing is a core subject at Castle High School, studied by all students in all year groups. We have three dedicated suites for Computing Studies as well as three other computer suites which are used across the curriculum.

Key Stage 3 Computing
Our lower school curriculum is made up of twelve units of work that are completed in Years 7 and 8. Our units of work have been written and developed by our department teachers and are specifically designed to meet the needs of our students. The units are engaging and progressively introduce students to a wide selection of computing disciplines, including a range of programming languages. Key Stage 3 units include:

* Scratch Programming
* Desktop Publishing
* Databases
* Spreadsheets
* Mission Maker Programming
* Digital Safety
* Python Programming


Key Stage 4 Core Computing

In Years 9, 10 and 11, students have two Computing lessons per week. This means that every student at Castle High School has the opportunity to achieve a qualification in Computing. Our chosen qualification prepares students for the modern world of work in which the competent use of a computer and basic software packages is now essential.

GCSE Computer Science

In response to recent changes in educational policy, we have introduced OCR GCSE Computer Science as an option subject. Students can choose to study Computer Science at Key Stage 4, having three additional Computing lessons per week. Students who study Computer Science will learn various programming languages including Python.


Extra Curricular Activities

There are many opportunities for students to visit the department outside of lesson time. Mr. Palmer leads regular catch-up sessions for GCSE students throughout the year, including a weekly after school session. Ms. Tame's suite is open every lunchtime for students to access computer facilities and is a popular destination for those wishing to complete homework activities (though these sessions are not exclusively for this purpose).

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