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It is important that the school rules have the support of parents and students, staff and governors. In accepting a place at St James Academy, parents are agreeing to accept and uphold the Code of Conduct and the organisational arrangements which support them. This forms part of the Home / School Agreement.

  • Treat all people with kindness and respect whatever their sex, age, ethnic origin or position in school.
  • Make it as easy as possible for yourself and everyone else to learn. This includes arriving on time, bringing all the necessary equipment and acting sensibly at all times.
  • Take pride in your work and always complete tasks to the best of your ability - remember good work gets good grades.
  • Always hand homework in on time - ask for help if necessary.
  • Move sensibly about the school, on the left hand side, with a moderate noise level.
  • Dress neatly and appropriately.
  • Respect school's and other people's property, including schoolwork and avoid bringing valuables to school.
  • Keep the school and its grounds clean and litter free and look after the school building - remember, it's your school you are looking after.
  • Behave with respect for the health and safety of yourself and others in and out of school - dangerous items and substances have no place in school.
  • Remain on the premises unless permission to leave is granted.
  • Uphold the school's reputation at all times - remember, it only takes one person to spoil the school's good name.

In addition to the code of conduct, there will be school guidelines which will cover such matters as:

  • Late arrival
  • Explaining absence;
  • Leaving school during the day;
  • Lunch arrangements;
  • Fire precautions;
  • Detention;
  • Marking individual property;
  • Expected equipment and bag;
  • Medicines;
  • Valuables;
  • Out-of-bounds;
  • Emergency Contact