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At Castle High, we believe in offering students a wide range of option choices for Key Stage 4 study, with Child Development being one of our newest offerings. We introduced AQA Children’s Learning and Development, which students can choose to study from year 9, for students who are keen to pursue careers working with children and young people. The course lasts 3 years, with students having 3 lessons per week in each of those years.

As the name of the course suggests, students will study how children develop. Students will look in depth at the family, reproduction, pregnancy, ante natal provision, birth, postnatal care, physical development of a baby, nutrition and feeding, infectious diseases, community support as well as the intellectual, social and emotional development of children.

Students complete a range of units covering a wide range of topics, all focused on preparing our students for the world of work or progression to level 3 courses. Assessment takes place in a variety of ways, from classroom based projects to external examinations.