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Careers Guidance at Castle High starts in Years 7 and 8. Through the PHSCE programme and Tutor Time activities, students develop their knowledge and understanding of themselves as well as their awareness of opportunities, their decision-making and planning skills, and their ability to take action. They also begin to develop skills in research and goal setting. Students in Year 8 will also complete some work designed to help them make sensible option choices for courses in Year 9.

Year 10 students undertake five working days for work experience in May. Students are encouraged to find their own work places but they can apply for the limited number of placements secured by the School. Employers are asked to send their assessment of the student on Work Experience to the School and this information can be used in the students' final college references. Advice and information for this week is given in both tutor periods and in PSHCE time.

The Connexions Service also organises a programme of careers activities and advice for targeted Year 10 students.

In Year 11 there is either a group or an individual interview from the Connexions Careers Service for targeted students and all students are encouraged to use the interactive Connexions' website for further careers advise. Students complete work in PHSCE lessons which focuses on college application forms, the creation of a Personal Statement and on completing an Action Plan for their future post sixteen. Our aim is to provide each student with the necessary advice and guidance to enable them to make informed and responsible choices about their future.

Each September we host a Pathways Evening to which we invite local colleges, training providers and employers. Year 11 students and their parents and carers have the opportunity to speak to these representatives and find out any useful information.

All students are encouraged to use our well-stocked Careers Library and the programmes available on our computer network.

We liaise closely with the Connexions Careers Service and can request an interview with a Personal Adviser for students at any time. Connexions staff are also present at Parents' Consultation Evenings.

Links with the local colleges are well established. Their open days and evenings are advertised on the Careers Notice board. Representatives from all the local colleges and some employers are invited into school to run drop-in sessions at lunchtimes.

Work Experience

Work experience is one of the most important link activities between employers and secondary schools. It is also one of a range of work-related activities which can be used to support the school curriculum.
We are very proud of the relationships we have built over the years with our host employers and of the reputation we have locally for the high standards shown by our students during their experience.

Castle High School sees this opportunity as a significant step in preparing our students for adult and working life. Students will learn work processes first hand and they will develop and build upon skills that will hopefully give them more self-confidence, motivation and a chance to see what it is like to be part of the working world. Students do not receive any form of payment and would be expected to work the normal hours of a company, but not more than 40. The Education (Work Experience) Act 1973 imposes certain restrictions on the type of work that children can do and protects children from unsuitable tasks.

Dudley Education Business Partnership (Dudley EBP) is responsible for ensuring that employers providing work experience opportunities are approved before each placement takes place; this includes checking that all the necessary insurance (Employer's Liability and Public Liability) are in place, that information about key duties of the work experience opportunity is available and that it meets with work experience health and safety regulations.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns please contact:

Mr S. Ferguson
Teacher in Charge of Work Experience


Mrs J. Ratcliffe
Careers / Work Experience Assistant

From this page follow the "Links" which will take you to :

  1. A PDF copy of the Student Guide to Finding a Placement which is issued to students to help them find a work placement.
  2. PDF copies of the Parental letter which is issued to the parents of year 10 students informing them of the exact details for this years work experience. Also the Work Experience Application Form and a list of companies offering placements this academic year.