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Students are given the opportunity to study Business Studies at Key Stage 4. Our courses are taught by specialist teachers in well-equipped learning environments and are designed to meet the needs of all our students.


Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing

From 2017, our chosen course for Key Stage 4 Business Studies is the OCR Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing. This is an exciting and varied course with many practical elements that not only prepare our students for college and sixth form but also the world of work.

For this course, all learners study three mandatory topics in enterprise and marketing concepts, where they have to design and market a viable business proposal.

The first topic underpins the wider learning in this qualification. Learners develop essential knowledge and understanding of enterprise and marketing concepts, which can be applied to the other units within the qualification.

In the second topic, learners develop the skills needed to design a business proposal to meet a specific business challenge. They identify a customer profile for a specific product, complete market research to generate product design ideas, and use financial calculations to propose a pricing strategy and determine the viability of their product proposal. 

In the final topic, learners develop the skills needed to create a brand identity and promotional plan for their specific business product proposal developed in the second topic. They develop pitching skills in order to introduce their business proposal to an external audience. 

GCSE Applied Business Studies 
Our GCSE in Applied Business Studies ends in 2018, with our current year 11 students being the last to sit the exams for this course. Students study two units for the single GCSE award. Combined, these units give learners exposure to a vast range of business issues.

Extra Curricular Activities 
Enterprise Club is led by Mr. Palmer from September to December every year and sees students participate in a national competition developed by Coca-Cola. In recent years, our school has been fortunate enough to qualify three times for the Midlands UK final of the competition.

Essential Links 
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