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In June 2013, the Government announced that the system of levels which schools had used to report the attainment and progress of children up to the age of 14 would be removed from September 2015.

As a result of this announcement, the current Year 7 students are the last to be awarded a level in the end of Key Stage 2 tests. From the summer of 2016, Year 6 students will be given an overall score for the SATs which schools will use to establish baselines for entry into Year 7 and to calculate targets for progress over their five years in secondary schools.

With the end of National Curriculum levels, schools were given the freedom to implement their own assessment procedures. Castle High school has introduced its own system which we have called our Assessment Expectations.

Students in Year 11 will now be graded in English, Maths and most other subjects on a scale of 9 - 1; some remaining GCSEs will still be graded from A* to G. Students in Years 7-10 are being graded at GCSE on the 9-1 scale in all subjects and this 9-1 grading system will be used for all these students. Further information on the changes to GCSE grading can be found here.

Full details of how the new Assessment Expectations scheme works can be found in the Assessment Expectations Guide.