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St James Academy is situated near the centre of Dudley. The school has made significant progress towards ensuring that we provide the best education possible for our students. The facilities, which feature both traditional and modern architecture, have been equipped with new technologies to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

St James Academy is part of the Dudley Multi-Academy Trust under the sponsorship of Dudley College of Technology. More information about the Trust can be found at the Dudley Academies Trust website.

The school often extends learning opportunities beyond the school day with an extensive extra-curricular and extended schools programme available staffed by a large team of committed teaching and support staff.

All students are expected to work hard and maintain high standards of behaviour. Excellent relationships with parents, carers, staff and students are crucial to ensure that students achieve their potential. To help encourage and reward positive behaviour, achievements, good punctuality and attendance, the school has a rewards system, frequent achievement assemblies and a Celebration of Achievement Evening.

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"Students' personal and social development is good. They generally enjoy school, feel safe and well cared for, and cooperate with each other and their teachers" (Ofsted).